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The New School
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Saturday, October 15, 1-3pm
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, Orientation Room
2 West 13 Street 
Ground Floor

Creating Participatory Learning Through Performance

Josephine Dorado (The New School)
This workshop will focus on improvisational performance as a framework for online collaboration and distributed learning. By leveraging the affordances of shared virtual world space and creative frameworks, we can build richer online rapport and an optimal environment for instant collaboration and participatory learning. Through dance-based avatar movement and task-based performance games inside a virtual world, participants will weave a theatrical performance together that encourages active listening and interaction. The use of improvisational performance frameworks for online collaboration allows participants to instantly connect and cooperateregardless of geographical location or previous experience with digital media or performance. Students from Josephine Dorado’s Collaboration in Networked Environments class at the New School will participate as performers and will connect with remote participants/performers at a partnering Internet Society event in Philadelphia. The performance will be followed by a Q&A in which the performative elements and their relation to online collaboration will be explained along with feedback from student participants. After that, the audience at the New School will have an opportunity to ‘embody’ an avatar and participate in an impromptu dance, thereby experiencing the immediacy and connection.

NOTE: You may attend this event in-person at the New School or in the virtual world Second Life. If you choose to attend this at the New School, choose the"Creating Participatory Learning Through Performance - attending at the New School" ticket type. If you choose to attend this in the virtual world Second Life, choose the "Creating Participatory Learning Through Performance - attending in Second Life" ticket type, and you will be emailed instructions as to how to join us in Second Life.

Also note that to attend in-person at the New School, you must have previously purchased a ticket to MobilityShifts at (Free for students and faculty of the New School).

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