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The New School

The Politics of Digital Culture Book Series

Book Series Editor/Conference Series Chair: Trebor Scholz

This series of publications accompanies The New School’s The Politics of Digital Culture biennial conference series.

Publisher: The Institute for Distributed Creativity

Learning Through Digital Media Preview the Book 

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This publication is the product of a collaboration that started in the fall of 2010 when a total of eighty New School faculty, librarians, students and staff came together to think about teaching and learning with digital media. These conversations inspired this collection of essays, which will be disseminated as printed book, free book for various eReaders and a media-rich website where essays will be added and removed over time.

Released under a Creative Commons license[1] and published by the Institute for Distributed Creativity in the Politics of Digital Culture Book Series, the essays selected for this rigorously peer-reviewed publication were assessed by the Series’ Advisory Board, the editor and a network of peers.

The Open Peer Review process took place on MediaCommons[2], an all-electronic scholarly publishing network focused on the field of Media Studies developed in partnership with the Institute for the Future of the Book and the NYU Libraries. Varying from informal feedback to in-depth critical reflections, we received 155 comments by dozens of reviewers. The authors started the review process by commenting on each other’s texts, followed by invited scholars, and finally, an intensive social media campaign helped to solicit comments from the public at large.

The New School is a leading institution when it comes to incorporating cross-disciplinary digital learning into the curriculum. It offered its first degree program in Media Studies already in 1975. Learning Through Digital Media reaffirms this commitment of the university to interdisciplinary innovation by drawing collaborators from across many divisions. This publication is part of the lead-up to

[1]  Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs-ShareAlike

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