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What can educators in the United States learn from mobile learning projects worldwide?

MOBILITYSHIFTS IS: provocative conversations, original ideas, engaging performances, workshops and art projects about learning with digital media.

Comprised of a conference, exhibition, workshops, project demos and a theater performance, the summit will add an international layer to the existing debate about digital learning. In a high-energy context this summit will bring together media scholars, artists, students, web developers, technologists, teachers, librarians, policy makers, and learning activists. The week-long event will focus on diverse discussions about digital fluencies for a mobile world and explore learning outside the bounds of schools and universities. Learn, discuss, and meet future collaborators.

Drawing on New York City’s strengths as a global hub for learning, innovation and design, the summit will showcase theories, people and projects making unexpected connections between self-learning, mobile platforms and the Open Web. 

MobilityShifts is grouped around the following subthemes:

  • Digital Fluencies for a Mobile World 
  • DIY U: Learning Without a School? 
  • Learning from Digital Learning Projects Worldwide
  • Policy

The summit is part of The New School’s Politics of Digital Culture conference series. MobilityShifts builds on two previous events: The Drumbeat Festival in Barcelona (2010) and Digital Media and Learning 2011 in Los Angeles. 

Summit Chair
Trebor Scholz

Edward Keller 
Elizabeth Losh
Matthew K. Gold
David Theo Goldberg 
Karen DeMoss
Sean Dockray

Steering Committee:
Katie Salen, McKenzie Wark, Arien Mack  

Jennifer Conley Darling 

Associate Producers
Caroline Buck
Liz Carlson 

Assistant Producers
Patricia Yi

Who should come to this?

  • Scholars from the fields of Education, Media Study, Design, Global Studies, Sociology, History, Economics and Policy Studies. 
  • Web developers
  • Learning scientists
  • Librarians
  • Artists
  • Technologists
  • Social media aficionados 
  • High school principals and teachers
  • Critical legal scholars
  • Learning activists
  • Policy makers
  • Anyone curious about learning through digital media

Conference Languages: English, Spanish

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